Whatever happened to Honor?

  Is the concept of being honorable a thing of the past? Recent situations like the current scandals of fraternities, continual corporate financial wrongdoing, consistent sectarian dissention in politics, etc., leaves people asking who do we trust if anyone? There was a time when a person’s word was their bond! I remember my father getting […]

Should an organization really oversee its own ethics reporting system?

  Research has shown that the vast majority of companies’ ethics hotlines are not utilized effectively due to fear of retaliation. Why is that? What is the process of following up with a compliant? What scares one’s people from doing so? When it comes right down to it, shouldn’t organizations want its people to report […]

Is there a way to “gauge” one’s moral Leadership?

Socrates and Plato, both taught that knowledge and virtue are one in this these ways: • If one knows what is right, then one will do what is right. • Virtue is a kind of knowledge in that they are deeply ingrained habits that guide one’s action. • The goal of the moral life is […]

Service and Humility: The keys to values based leadership

Service and Humility: The keys to values based leadership Service and Humility are two of the most unappreciated virtues needed for truly effective leadership. Here’s what I mean by this. None of us, and I mean, none of us, has gotten where we are in life on our own! Doesn’t matter what your title is, […]

Ethical lapse or Ethical violation?

The Governor of Oregon resigned last week due to what was referred to as ”ethical lapses.” This got me thinking as to what’s the difference between an ethical lapse and an ethical violation? Could an ethical lapse be: a. Just a honest mistake in judgment? b. A more emotion based decision? c. A perception that […]

When leaders mess things up, why are companies slow to deal with them?

just don’t get it! With more reports about ethics/compliance issues multi billion dollar fines being paid out shouldn’t these companies hold their leadership accountable for the decision that caused these issues? What’s the problem here? Aren’t leaders supposed to: • Set the tone for the work environment to be one that is positive, inclusive and […]

Corporate Compliance and Ethics week is in May: Now’s the time to plan!

I had an inquiry last week from a pharmaceutical company about presenting a series of ethics training programs for their Compliance and Ethics Week programming in May. I ,then, started to research a number of venues that some organizations are planning for this week in May and was somewhat confused at what I read. Activities […]

A code of ethics will not solve all your ethics problems………

“but we must remember that good laws, if they are obeyed, do not constitute good government. Hence there are two parts of good government: one is the actual obedience of citizens to the laws, the other part is the goodness of the laws which they obey…”(Aristotle Politics 1294a-6). Therefore, what are the reasons to have […]

How would you know if your leaders are ethical?

Now is the time to step back and take a good hard look your ethical leadership development and examine what needs to be done differently, creatively and substantively before 2015 gets away from us? The test of the true ethical leader may lie in the answers to these questions. 1. What are specific ethical behaviors […]

In 2015, a truly effective values based leadership program needs …

The development or update of a code of ethics, its implementation and expectations that establish the following: • Who has the authority to do what and why? • Who is responsible for which decisions? • How will people be held accountable for their individual choices and actions? • What your stakeholders can reasonably expect from […]