Don’t let your ethics training take a vacation!

Now that summer is upon us and vacations are being planned is no reason to postpone any ethics/leadership training. Those tempted to do something wrong will not take the summer off, so why should we?? Being proactive in ethics and values based leadership programming is a year round process. What would it say to your […]

The lesser of two evils is always………………..

  Why is it that this phrase is the modus operandi for so many people when making serious and important decisions? Why is it that people settle for the lesser of two evils? Is the lesser of two evils an ethical decision? It seems that we have been conditioned to choose based on who or […]

Moral credibility: The elusive leadership trait.

  How does one develop moral credibility? How is it manifested on the job? It’s like how does one display sincerity? What are the signs of being sincere? Moral credibility needs to reflect the qualities of character, trust, empowerment, positive self esteem and of course, ethics Moral credibility is the sum total of one’s consistent […]

Trust is everything for without it you have nothing!

  Is it just me, or is trust “taking a hit” lately? How about politics? Do you feel totally confident about the accuracy of information circulated by political candidates? What about consumer products? Do you ever question the safety or effectiveness of a product, even if backed by a big name brand? How about your […]

Leaders with a sense of a moral compass………

If leaders don’t have a developed moral compass, nothing else really counts. Everything about a business needs to be based on values, which provide a “direction” as to not only how one does business, but why! Leaders need to embrace as the basis of their moral compass…. 1. That everything happens for a reason and […]

Two challenging questions to keep you values based and customer focused.

  How do you evaluate, on an ongoing basis, whether you are on the ethical “right track” in building quality customer relationships that are aligned with your corporate values? Here are two questions for ongoing ethical reflection: 1. Is what you do, in line with your organization’s values and objectives? 2. Will the decision result […]

How can you improve your ethics training in 2015?

Here’s a check list to help you evaluate how your ethics training is going so far this year to help you plan your ethics training for the rest of 2015. Consider these 10 questions as part of your annual ethics training evaluation. 1. Is there ethics training for employees on all levels? 2. How is […]

Ethics training or lack thereof reveals your values and priorities.

I was having a conversation a week ago with the General Counsel for a major Pharmaceutical company and he was explaining to me the very comprehensive compliance training that they require of all their employees yearly. I then asked him, how much of that training was in ethics? He thought for a minute said, “that […]

Compliance(knowledge) and Ethics(wisdom): This the link to more effective training.

  Which is easier to teach/train on knowledge or wisdom? Knowledge is “the stuff”, the information and wisdom is what you do with than “stuff” or information. Is your compliance training based solely on knowledge ,i.e. here’s what the law states and thus we do it or does your compliance training also focus on the […]

Compliance or Ethics: Which gets most of your training dollars?

  One of the topics that has drawn much response from one of my postings on social media was the confusion about the term; compliance/ethics officer. Compliance is not ethics and ethics is not compliance. They are related but not the same. For example, if you look at practically any compliance/ethics position, it describes legal […]