Corporate Compliance and Ethics week is in May: Now’s the time to plan!

I had an inquiry last week from a pharmaceutical company about presenting a series of ethics training programs for their Compliance and Ethics Week programming in May. I ,then, started to research a number of venues that some organizations are planning for this week in May and was somewhat confused at what I read. Activities […]

A code of ethics will not solve all your ethics problems………

“but we must remember that good laws, if they are obeyed, do not constitute good government. Hence there are two parts of good government: one is the actual obedience of citizens to the laws, the other part is the goodness of the laws which they obey…”(Aristotle Politics 1294a-6). Therefore, what are the reasons to have […]

How would you know if your leaders are ethical?

Now is the time to step back and take a good hard look your ethical leadership development and examine what needs to be done differently, creatively and substantively before 2015 gets away from us? The test of the true ethical leader may lie in the answers to these questions. 1. What are specific ethical behaviors […]

In 2015, a truly effective values based leadership program needs …

The development or update of a code of ethics, its implementation and expectations that establish the following: • Who has the authority to do what and why? • Who is responsible for which decisions? • How will people be held accountable for their individual choices and actions? • What your stakeholders can reasonably expect from […]

Whistleblower or Values Advocate?

  Would you hire a whistleblower? I think the term “whistleblower” is an insult!! Why you may ask? Here’s why. An organization will invest tons of money in training its employees to “embrace” its values, mission statement , code of conduct, etc. When someone actually raises a concern about an issue that is going against […]

Attitudes of leaders about ethics are a real concern!

As I work with compliance professionals, and with ongoing research on leaders’ attitudes about ethics and the importance of “pure” ethics training, I share these leadership “attitudes” with my comments. 1. Leaders believe it is easy to be ethical. – If it’s so easy, why isn’t everyone ethical? – What makes one think it’s easy? […]

Ethics: taught or ????

Ethical leaders need more confidence in principles than in personalities. I was watching an older MSNBC program where they had a town meeting at Columbia University with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett and of one of the students at Columbia asked Warren Buffett was this: can ethics be taught to leaders today in business? His […]

What is a “right” decision?

  When we’re faced with those ambiguous choices where the “right” path is unclear or will produce some painful consequences, where do we turn? First and foremost, we must turn to our own code of conduct, the values and ethics we regard as important to us personally. These values are always based upon what we’ve […]

What happened to Conscience Accountability?

“I believe that every large institution, whether it’s company, a government or a university needs to have a conscience. The conscience won’t have the answer to every question, but the conscience is a voice that needs to be heard.” Brad Smith of Microsoft Aristotle stated: “we are what we do.” That said, Thomas Aquinas stated […]

Why is it so hard to say Thank You?

  Recent employment engagement surveys point out that the #1 thing leaders can do to show appreciation for their employees’ work is to say “thank you.” Why is that so hard, or is it an attitude of “that’s what they get paid for?” How many times is a day to you actually say thank you […]