Courageous leadership

Isn’t it about time that leaders stand up for values and be willing to pay the price, if necessary, for living them out? If leaders think that that they are living out their values and that their followers are “buying into those values, then the question for those leaders is: “What percentage of employees can…

Future leaders

I presented a day long program on ethics in leadership last Friday to 120 MBA students at Oklahoma State University. What a great group of people!After talking with many of them I am enthused about heir future and what they can bring to the corporate world.

Nice job in educating our future leaders Oklahoma State!

Integrity in Leadership

Last week’s webinar titled, IF GOOD ETHICS IS GOOD BUSINESS, WHAT’S THE PROBLEM?, was great fun, and interactive as participants were able to ask questions relating to their work environments. Now onto the topic of integrity. Where is it in leadership today? How does it manifest itself? How is it modeled and reinforced? Those and…