Davy Crockett and Ethics

Yesterday, Fess Parker died. For those of us who grew up with him playing Davy Crockett, he was a role model for a whole generation. The one line from Crockett that was used consistently was; “Find out what’s right and then do it!”

Still a great lesson today!

Kudos to EMU for Ethics!


This is a great program called ETHOS Week and EMU does this every year. Last year I was privileged to be their keynote speaker. David Mielke does a fantastic job as Dean to consistently make ethics THE focal point of the Business School!

Crappy Ethics?

Crappy Ethics? Are we doomed? Or is there hope for the ethically challenged? During a spirited discussion in our office last week, the question was asked “What if someone just has crappy ethics? Is there any hope of improvement or are you just out of luck because they just can’t change?” This question challenged me…