Roadblocks in creating a moral compass

Here are three presumptions in trying to estbalish a perosnal moral compass.

1. People are convinced that what is “right” and what they think is right are

2. No two people who have contradictory views can be right.

3. There must be an ideally “right or wrong” decision possible in any given situation.

Only four moral dilemmas of humanity

According to the research of Rushworth Kidder in his book, Moral Courage, there are only four dilemmas of humanity. Every single moral/ethical issue is at least one of these dilemmas.1. Truth vs. Loyalty = honesty/integrity vs. commitment,promise-keeping 2. Individual vs. Community = “Us” vs. “them” 3. Short term vs. Long term = now vs. then…

A Brief Visit to my Alma Mater

Early in February I was back at my Alma Mater, Benedictine University. I was asked to do a combined program for their Career Development, Alumni Relations and University Development offices, and I was truly honored to participate. Those attending included students, alumni and members of the business community. The theme was DEVELOPING YOUR EMPLOYMENT TOOLBOX.…

Who’s supposed to be watching who here?

Porn-watching SEC workers disciplined, counseled Posted 23h 21m ago | By P. Solomon Banda, Associated Press DENVER — The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has counseled or disciplined 24 employees who accessed pornographic sites on government computers between 2005 and 2010 as the U.S. financial system teetered and almost collapsed. By Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images…