Leaders, listen up!

People want two things out of life:
1. a sense of belonging
2. to receive recognition

When leaders promote these, you get cooperation, when leaders don’t, you get conflict.

This concept is true in a family, a classroom,or a business. Simple, isn’t it?

Culture, Values and Leadership

In a recent LRN study, they found: 1.Culture, values and leadership are now the critical priorities for building successful ethics and compliance initiatives. 2.57% of companies do not give ethical behaviors the same weight as business outcomes in performance evaluations. 3.54% never formally celebrate acts of ethical leadership 4.45% are concerned that the tone of…

Want to be ethical?

Follow these simple points:

1. When in doubt, don’t.

2. Don’t lie, cheat or steal.

3.Put the welfare of others as a priority in your decision making.

4.Remember, ethics is a tough decision with the payout at the end.