Ethics in Walking the talk!

Great Article by my colleague Steve Priest. Ethics: Walking the Walk and Talking the Talk ShareThisby Steve Priest @ 2011-10-24 Category: Compliance, Ethics, Featured Columns, Thinking Globally About Integrity, Leadership & Human Behavior Robert GalvinYou may not have read about it, but a second tech legend died this month. Robert Galvin, whose father founded Motorola,…

Our ethics enemies in business today

Seems to me that our real “enemies” in the workplace today are:

1. Our work habits
2. Corporate red tape
3. Self Deception
4. Unnecessary procedures
5. Lengthy processes
6. Outmoded attitudes

These ‘enemies” need to be addressed and dealt with in any ethics/compliance training initiative or the training will fall on “deaf ears.”

Trust & Ethics = Good Reputation

According to a 2010 Deloitte Survey,nearly half of workers who plan to seek out new jobs, have been motivated by a loss of trust in their employer. Some 46% also complain about lack of transparency in internal communications and four in ten say they have been treated unethically. Reputation is all about building trust in…

Trust and ethics in the modern economy

“Trust is pivotal to the economy, and not merely social relations, as without it, currency will not be used, saving makes no sense, and transaction costs rise precipitously; in short, it is hard to conceive a modern economy without a strong element of trust running through it.”
Amitai Etzioni;The Moral Dimension:Toward a New Economics.