The 4 T’s of building ethical relationships

Dr. Domeena Renshaw, now retired from Loyola University taught that there are four “T’s” of building any relationship. 1.      Trust: Trust is the basic building block of any relationship. You haven’t got a friendship without trust; you haven’t got a marriage without trust and you haven’t got a business without trust! 2.      Touch: What’s your…


Life lessons to keep you morally aware!

                                                                       Life is difficult…  Many of us seem to go through our days expecting life to be easy, and to mostly remain that way. When the challenges come, our response is often to get upset, angry or super-stressed. The simple act of viewing life as a bumpy road helps me to try to respond…


Fraud and ethics never the twain shall meet!

                                 On Tuesday night I watched  new  Frontline on PBS which had a documentary called Untouchables. This program pointed out that no CEO banker who was involved in the mortgage crisis was ever charged, prosecuted, or jailed! Not one! Certain congressmen tried to move the process along to no avail. How can this be?…


Tone at the Top: At what price and who pays?

                       Anything that one reads on setting the “tone at the top, had to be disappointed in the stories of the CEO of Walmart knowing about the bribery issues with Mexico, and JP Morgan being ordered to improve their compliance training.  Now I find that I’m part of a class action law suit of…


Intrinsic rightness and the fiscal cliff

“The morality of an action does not derive from the benefit produced or from the number of those who obtain that benefit,but from the intrinsic rightness of the action performed.” Kant

So how moral is Congress and this “fiscal cliff” issue and for who’s benefit? What’s the “intrinsic rightness” here?