Hope for Ethics in business

Interesting article on the ethics of future generations.

Farewell to Rats and Snitches, Hello to “Doing the Right Thing” http://bit.ly/mQSQU7

Finally, we looking at ethics beyond the present and looking at ethics from a future perspective.

Values based compliance training article

In an article entitled “Interactive Ethics” in the March issue of Inside Counsel, author Brian Martin, senior vice president and general counsel of KLA-Tencor Corp., discusses some of the lessons learned when his company transformed its compliance and ethics training from a rules- based training program to an ethics-based training program. I found it to…


Moral, Ethical or just Legal?

With Rep. Weiner’s situation,let’s look beyond the legal issues here. Would the moral and ethical thing to do, for him, be to resign? For is it not true that if one cheats in little things, one will cheat in big things? Now, we’re not talking about finanical cheating here,but cheating of sorts none the less.…


Is there hope for the Ethically Challenged?

During a spirited conversation in our office recently, the question was asked “what if someone just has lousy ethics? Is there any hope of improvement or are you just out of luck because that person just can’t change?”This challenged me because for a number of years, I thought that you were either ethical or you…


Ethics in business and sleeping at night

Terry Iverson, CEO of Iverson & Co. shared this ethics perspective in a recent newspaper article. “I used to sleep very well, but as I get older, I worry more about the company and the families that depend on me to “keep the ship going in the right direction.” In the recent downturn, I did…


Are you an ethical leader?

Take this short reflective survey to evaluate. 1. Did I practice any virtues today?• Was I a person who shared integrity, trustworthiness, honesty or compassion? 2. Did I do more harm than good? Or did I try to?• Consider the short term vs. long term consequences of your actions. 3. Did I treat people with…