Ethical risk of business as usual.

The Ethical Risk of Business as UsualPosted by admin2 • June 29, 2010 • Printer-friendly by Gael O’Brien Poorly managed corporate risk all too often becomes risk that stakeholders unwittingly end up assuming. The consequences can be dire: Think deaths and accidents from unintended acceleration in now-recalled Toyota vehicles, the shocking demise of Lehman Bros.…


Business and ethics

Business ethics = consistency between the practices of the company and its moral philosophy.

Question: Can you recite, know or find the moral philosphy of your company?

Where is the trust in business?

IS TRUST TAKING A HIT? Is it just me, or is trust “taking a hit” lately? How about the lead story of the past several weeks; Do you feel the information released has been 100% accurate on the situation in the Gulf of Mexico? How about politics? Do you feel totally confident about the accuracy…


Trust IS good for business

What a great article on how Panera Bread is trustng people to pay what they think they should for their order and Panera is making money!

Ethics, Morals and the Market

It has been suggested that the foundation of ethics are moral standards. If that is true, where does one “get” those standards and can they be taught? Maybe the idea that ethics is what you do and morals are what you believe comes into play here. If so, then why the seemingly disconnect between what…


Moral awareness in business

Sometimes I just can’t understand why, with what is happening in world, i.e. oil spills, wars,corporate ethics or lack therefore, that morality doesn’t seem to play a role in the decision-making. I’m not talking about religion here, but the real added dimension of being other focused by wieghing the pros and cons of one’s decison…