Why Ethics matter in Brand Value

1.Customers value trust.
2.Customers expect ethical behavior.
3.Customers place “their vote” by purchasing from ethical companies.
4.Word gets around when companies are responsibile and offer a great value.
5.Customers are thinking more before buying.
6.Customers are condsifering more variables.
7.Customers are making responsible consumption a priority.

The Milward Brown report

See what audiences said about Frank in 2011!

I write to you today to rave about Frank Bucaro. Frank proved to be an outstanding keynote speaker when he recently spoke to the Academy of Doctors of Audiology. From his preparation and follow-up ahead of the convention, to his content, delivery and willingness to provide additional resources to ADA and its attendees, Frank displayed…

Ethics Training: To What End?

A company could spend thousands on an ethics training program that has no affect on its employees. Especially in this challenging economy, people want to know, what is the ROI for an ethics training program? While the answer is debatable…I mean, how do you quantify the ethical infractions that DIDN’T happen? I certainly understand the…

Teachers, Principals and Ethics

Last night on Rock Center with Brian Williams, a further report on the cheating scandal in the Atlanta Public School District was presented. 178 teachers and principals, for over 10 years, were changing test scoresof their students in their homes, etc.!! No one blew the whistle until an appointed committee got involved and got one…

The Moral High Road.

When I started to focus on the morality of business and leadership in my research, I surveyed some past clients for their definition of moral awareness. One of the most striking definitions I received was the following: “Moral awareness is when one is in touch with one’s innate sense of morality and can feel the…