Culture, Values and Leadership

In a recent LRN study, they found: 1.Culture, values and leadership are now the critical priorities for building successful ethics and compliance initiatives. 2.57% of companies do not give ethical behaviors the same weight as business outcomes in performance evaluations. 3.54% never formally celebrate acts of ethical leadership 4.45% are concerned that the tone of…

Want to be ethical?

Follow these simple points:

1. When in doubt, don’t.

2. Don’t lie, cheat or steal.

3.Put the welfare of others as a priority in your decision making.

4.Remember, ethics is a tough decision with the payout at the end.

Example of moral and ethical courage.

Rent the movie “Of Gods and Men” if you want a genuine example of moral decision making and the price paid for it. Where is the moral leadership today? Another Congressman resigning for sexual issues, members of both political parties playing games with our economy, school districts,(including teachers and principals), accused of test score cheating,…

Leadership is about morals and ethics

When we think about ethics in leaderhsip, we also need to think about a leader’s moral obligations to his/her people. These are four key moral obligations.1. Put people first in your decision making. 2. Have respect for individual human dignity. 3. Treat all people fairly. 4. Always be honest. The key here is not to…