“Waiting for Superman” movie

I just finished watching this movie on public education in the USA. I was appalled, as a former educator, at the dismal state of public education in this country.The movie, statistically showed how keeping “bad” teachers due to tenure, are directly implcated for the lack of progress in educating our kids and how they are…

Moral living is not that tough.

One of my programs contains a section that I refer to as “The Five Facts of Life.” These were originally taken from the keynote program There Are No Trailers Hitched to Hearses. Acknowledging these helped me to better prioritize and experience less stress. In that spirit I am offering them in this month’s newsletter. And…

Roadblocks in creating a moral compass

Here are three presumptions in trying to estbalish a perosnal moral compass.

1. People are convinced that what is “right” and what they think is right are

2. No two people who have contradictory views can be right.

3. There must be an ideally “right or wrong” decision possible in any given situation.