Ethics training can save you money

Ethics training can prove an essential defense should an ethics lapse occur, demonstrating to an enforecement agency that your organization took ethics seriously enough to train your entire workforce. Such good faith efforts can make regulators less likely to assess fines or penalities and can lessen public relations damage to the organization.

Ethics training should never be cut!

This research says it all! Ethics training should be a priority, not an option, particularly in this economy. Once again the Federal Sentencing Guidelines mandate ethics/compliance for a company’s own good. Saving money on not having ongoing ethics training in the short term, can “cost” a company dearly in the long run.

Whistleblowers and Ethics

Isn’t this more about the leadership in companies than it is about people agonizing over “doing the right thing?”

If leadership rewarded good behavior, had ongoing ethics training and really modelled appropriate and expected behavior, would this even be an issue?

Is this really about the money or is it something else?