Frank has a relationship with the following  organization and invites you to explore their services if your ethics and compliance needs extend beyond the scope of Frank’s in-person programs and training sessions.


Global EthicsU
Custom Online Universities

Connecting Character and Compliance Training for an Online Global Community

Frank Bucaro & Associates and Global Ethics University have formed a strategic partnership to provide customized online training to companies worldwide through its new GlobalEthicsU portal. Now customers can have their own e-learning university with unlimited access to a full catalog of powerful, meaningful courses from Frank Bucaro and Global Ethics University.

Imagine all your ethics training courses, seminars, and management training all in one place with unlimited access for your entire global workforce. You no longer have to contract with one company to provide online compliance training and another for special topics and management training. Now it’s all in once place in one easy-to-use, customizable LMS that meets all your employee compliance training needs.

Here’s how it works…

  • Step 1: Global Ethics U sets up a university or “domain” with your company’s branding, theme, logos, and colors.
  • Step 2: Choose your courses from our catalog. Global EthicsU can modify our courses or fully customize them.
  • Step 3: Your employees log into your university to take courses, download handouts, view/listen to media, take assessments just like they’re on your own website.


  • This is YOUR e-learning portal that is customized to look and feel like it’s coming right from your own corporate training department.
  • You get unlimited access to a full ethics and compliance-training catalog from Frank Bucaro and Global Ethics University.
  • Courses can be customized a little or a lot to include your company’s documents, codes of conduct, HR policies, and ethics policies.
    Your university includes your company’s branding with your own login portal and course catalog.
  • Powerful administration features that let you easily manage and maintain your university.

Course Catalog…

  • Ethical Decision-Making Skills
  • Steps to Making Ethical Decisions
  • Ethical Expectations: Code of Conduct
  • Respect and Fair Treatment at Work
  • Caring for Company Assets
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Intellectual Property and IP
  • Business Gifts & Hospitality Issues
  • The Courageous Leader
  • Generational Ethics
  • Making the Sale or Making a Client for Life
  • Virtues, Values, and Leadership

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