We have identified 7 reasons why companies hire Frank. If you find that you identify with several of these, it might just be time to talk to Frank about how he can revolutionize your company’s success with ethics!

1. Expertise

From teaching moral theology and ethics for 16 years  to over 20 years speaking training and writing in ethics and values based leadership, Frank has “niched” these topics.

2. Current

Always up to date with current business affairs, particularly those issues that concern his clients in order  to bring his message home.

3. Relevance

Constant research makes Frank’s programs, challenging in content, practical in application and entertaining in delivery!

4. Easy to work with

No ego here! Frank is all about the client, not himself. ”Frank has been one of the easiest, most professional speakers to work with hands down.”

5. Interaction

True learning happens when learning links up to people’s experience. Frank works hard to make that link happen for his clients. His techniques, insights, and practical approaches  empower the audience to immediately use what they have learned.

6. Experience

It would hard to identify an industry Frank hasn’t spoken to, i.e. Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Real estate, Financial Services, Associations, Oil/Energy, Transportation, Higher Ed, etc. All of which provide Frank with a “world view” of issues concerning ethics and leadership across the board.

7. Authenticity

What you see is what you get with Frank. From his great sense of humor, to being solely focused on relationship building with each client,and in  meeting each client’s training needs and expectations, he’s among the best and why he was inducted  into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame!