“ I’ve known and trusted Frank for many years after first seeing him do an amazing keynote. Later had Frank help us build a company code of ethics which served to guide us during rapid growth. Most recently I had Frank in to conduct a 90minute ethics workshop for my Midwest leaders. He’s energetic, passionate, funny and one of the top experts in the world on the topic of ethical leadership.”

Scott Jamieson
VP President  Midwest Division,Corporate Partnership and Bartlett Tree Investing Solutions

“Frank Bucaro is a dynamic and engaging speaker. His thorough grasp on the subject of ethics, combined with his enthusiastic delivery and open demeanor help to expedite communication between him and his audience and create an atmosphere from which both parties experience growth, learning, and inspiration.”

Kim Miele
Executive Director, Gulf coast CEOFORUM

“Even though you and I did not spend but a few moments together, I am totally impressed with you; a consummate professional. I have worked with hundreds of speakers in my conference planning career. I place you right at the top of the list. Not just for your skill and passion (which is what I believe transcended to our participants resulting in all of the many contacts and immediate praise) but down to little details like the nice personal note I just received. I decided to sit and listen to your words and advice. It reached me and touched on so many of the virtues I believe are visible with many of our loyal members.

We are working on our post conference Evaluations however the instant reactions indicated the “Perfect Score” objective in our eyes we enjoy observing. Like the Olympic Judging, the Perfect 10 is given few and far between and it’s about as rare for us as it is in Olympic history.”

Bob Dorsa
Executive Director, ACUMA

“The Aluminum Extruders Council LOVED having Frank Bucaro deliver his Good Company: Be the Organization That People Want To Work For, Partner With, Invest In and Buy From! presentation. Our audience of senior leaders said they really enjoyed your presentation as well as the way you presented the material. It was a lively, fun and information presentation that was raved about within our group. Our room was captivated by your presentation style and appreciated the humor you appropriately incorporated. We would be thrilled to have you as a return speaker one day!”

Thank you again, Frank,

Kim Collins
Program Manager – Education, Aluminum Extruders Council

“We hired Frank to speak a group of lab professionals at Pittcon. Frank delivered a great message about ethics. He used personal experiences and humor to get his information across. Frank’s enthusiasm was contagious and as a result the attendees were very engaged. I found Frank to be very easy to work with. He is organized, accommodating and personable. Frank would be an excellent fit for any organization.”

Cayley Thomas
Events Coordinator, LabX media Group

“Frank is a fantastic speaker and very accommodating to our needs. Frank does so much more than just provide a speech, he arrived early to our event and greeted guests as they arrived. He also actively participated in our workshops and gave further insight from his vast amount of experience. I give him 5-Stars, and cannot say much better than, “He is the best!”

Andrew Mertzenich
Events Services, Concordia University

“THANK YOU for your fantastic contribution to our meeting yesterday.  The feedback we received on your presentation was 100% “Excellent”!  I so enjoyed working with you to prepare for the meeting and during the day yesterday.  I hope that it will not be the last time our paths cross.  I wish you the best, and certainly understand why you came so highly recommended.”

Diana Smith
Director of Business Development | Information Technology | Engineering
Six Sigma Champion | Volt Workforce Solutions

“Frank Bucaro is a speaker who truly lives his content. I know of no other individual more closely associated with—or more qualified to speak on—the field of professional ethics than he. My conversations with Frank always result in great ideas as to how I can create more value as a speaker. He is a wealth of knowledge on the craft, and an inspiration to people who want to climb to the top of it. Without reservation, I am pleased to offer this recommendation. If you look up ethics in the dictionary, by all rights, you should see a photo of Frank Bucaro”

JD Gershbein

“I have been following Frank Bucaro’s work online for a few years and was waiting for the perfect opportunity to contract him. This year, I had the pleasure to have Frank speak at the National Sales meeting on behalf of the Ethics and Compliance Department of a major Pharmaceutical company.

Frank delivered a very engaging speech which, aside from delivering crucial, true information and facts, also motivated with laughter and moments of deep thought. Aside from his incredible content and the manner in which he delivered it, it was a great pleasure to deal with him from a business point of view. He accommodated all my client’s needs and treated them with great respect. As a service provider I look to partner with vendors who are committed to excel in their area of expertise and at the same time provide the best customer service available.

Frank is great to work with and I will surely work with him again in the future.

I wholeheartedly recommend Frank Bucaro as a speaker and Ethics professional for your speaking engagement needs.”

Miriam Grunhaus
CREATIVE DIRECTOR/OWNER at GreenHouse Design, Inc.

“When I first floated the idea of a think tank where like-minded colleagues would work together developing ethical conduct in business models, Frank Bucaro was one of the first people to offer collaborations. Upon review of his work, I found him to be a role model of personal and professional integrity. Over the past year, Frank has helped me develop my organization and refine the missions. We’ve worked on several projects helping individuals find experts to assist them in resolving ethical dilemmas. Frank and I also work on global initiatives and national programs. Hiring Frank to provide ethical conduct training and integrity assessment at your company is an investment in corporate sustainability.”

Evelynn Brown, J.D., LL.M
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Whistlewatch.org

“Frank Bucaro has presented keynote speeches and breakout sessions at Illinois Movers’ Association conventions many times. Every time he’s with us, the room is jam-packed, even if the audience has heard him before. Speeches cover ethics, customer service, sales, and … LIFE!

Frank also conducted a very successful strategic planning session for our association. I recommend him highly!”

Patricia Smith McLaughlin
Executive Director, IL Movers’ & Warehousemen’s Association

“Frank Bucaro takes an innovative approach to one of business’s oldest concepts, ethics. He delivered high-energy and highly-relevant material tailored to my team’s specific needs. I hired Frank for 2 rounds in my region and his subject matter was effective for employees in all departments and they loved him! Frank has a unique ability to turn individuals into teams and he is one of the funniest and warmest consultants you will ever encounter. Thank you, Frank for the great education! Well done!”

Michelle Hoyt
eBusiness/Technology Trainer, RE/MAX of Indiana & RE/MAX North Central Region

“Frank Bucaro’s presentation on the “High Road of Ethics” was the highlight of our Conference and set the tone with other speakers as well.  His colorful examples helped the audience remember the important points of his talk.  Our members will be talking about Frank’s examples of valued leadership ethics for a long time.  Thank you!”

Carole McLamb
Executive Director, Carolinas-Virginias Telephone Membership Association

“Frank presented the closing session at our 4-day convention and trade show and did a fabulous job. Attendees were exhausted from days of training but he was able to entertain as well as deliver an important message. Great at reading an audience and speaking their language. He is probably the most professional “professional speaker” I have worked with in years!”

Meg Collins

Director of Membership Services, Tennessee Health Care Association

Contact Information

Reach Frank at frank@frankbucaro.com or 847-778-5498.


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